$475 Million in Expected Economic Growth

2,300 jobs*

By investing in energy efficiency, Alberta's economy is growing by $475 million through increased economic activity. And we're diversifying our economy and creating more than 2,300 jobs*. This means more jobs for solar companies and installers, more work for home improvement companies who employ electricians, plumbers and HVAC technicians and more contractors installing energy efficiency equipment for businesses. A growing energy efficiency sector also means more cashiers who work at retailers selling energy-efficient products, and truck drivers who deliver those products.

Investments in energy efficiency have far-reaching impacts that make our province stronger.

Red Deer College's partnership with Energy Efficiency Alberta has enabled us to move quickly in the implementation of our Green Energy Master Plan.

With their support, Red Deer College has installed solar panels that led to a significant reduction in our energy costs and carbon footprint. Through our new residence consisting of photo-voltaic vertical panels and our recently constructed Alternative Energy Lab, we have demonstrated and showcased the value of new green technologies to our students, businesses and central Albertans.

 RDC appreciates the support of Energy Efficiency Alberta and their leadership in supporting alternative energy solutions as we continue to diversify the economy of Alberta. - Joel Ward, President and CEO, Red Deer College

And we’re just getting started. As more Albertans invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy, these impacts will continue to grow.

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