4.8 Megawatts of Installed Solar PV Capacity


484 Residential projects and 27 Commercial/Non-Profit Projects

95,000 tCO2e Reduced

Alberta has more than 320 days of sunshine per year. Even with our winters, Alberta is a great place for solar.

Through our solar program, Albertans have completed nearly 500 residential projects and nearly 30 commercial projects. That's a total installed solar PV capacity of 148 million kWh*, which is the equivalent of generating over $11 million in electricity.

From non-profits, to post-secondary institutions, to homes and businesses, solar installations are saving Albertans money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 95,000 tCO2e. That's the equivalent of taking 20,400 cars off the road for one year.

We cut our power bills in half this last year after installing our solar panel system. We look forward to ongoing savings and feel good about doing our part to protect our environment. - Kaliel, Resident of Pickardville, Alberta

Albertans are hard at work in the province’s growing renewable energy industry, improving their skills and knowledge through training and certification programs, with nearly 300 solar companies registered to participate in our solar program. That's nearly triple the number of companies in just one year.**

And we’re just getting started. We’re refining our solar program to meet the unique needs of Albertans.

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