400 Community and Industry Events

$8 Million in Multi-Year Grant Funding

Alberta communities are growing stronger and healthier, becoming more energy efficient and embracing solar energy.

We’ve been in communities across Alberta talking about energy efficiency and solar energy at summer festivals, in local retail stores with our energy ambassadors, at community events, conferences, workshops and more. We’ve been speaking with lots of Albertans, from students, to community associations to industry professionals. In fact, we’ve been at more than 400 events and talked to more than 40,000 Albertans.

And we're investing in local communities, with $8 million in multi-year grand funding to 12 community organizations. They are working in youth energy education, industry and technical training, and community sustainability projects.

Our solar and greenhouse project is extremely important to our school to sustain our energy resources. As youth, are trying to improve our future for other generations. - Students from Ecole McTavish in Fort McMurray

Our employees and partners gave back to the community too, bringing comfort and joy to a local non-profit organization. We installed energy-efficient products to help them save on their energy bills for years to come.

And we’re just getting started. We’re providing more grants to community organizations and attending more events across the province. Hope to see you soon.

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